Self-love is a practice

The self-love trend has taken speed and almost every one knows this word now, which is amazing looking at the guilt trip human race has been suffering from in the past (refer to our history for more info)

But unfortunately knowing about self-love and practicing real self love isn’t the same thing.

Media portrays self-love as — bubbles baths, spas, scented candles, getting cozy with a book with tea or hot chocolate in one hand or anything else pleasing to the self and it is. …

A problem comes hurtling your way and throws you off balance, you feel stuck and no matter what you do the solution won’t come and you find yourself running in circles!

You cannot find the solution while still staying stuck at the level of the problem

What does that mean?

Well, the mindset, circumstances and beliefs that were around when the problem happened are incapable of finding the solution to that problem. You have to uplevel!

That particular mindset was helpful in recognising all essential parts of the problem and preparation required for it but it is not enough to give you the relief…

A false limiting belief keeps us enslaved (again)

A false belief disguised as so many “moral” values lurks among us keeping us enslaved in being small, asking less, denying our truth and second-guessing our desires.

One of the truest statements is “Necessity is the mother of all inventions”

But when we broaden our vision this statement should now be, “Desire is the seed for expansion”

For if there was no desire for a better, more equipped life, you wouldn’t be reading this article on your phone or laptop, or seeing your family over a video call during the pandemic, or…

A sudden wave of resistance may pop up when you read this

And unanimous statements “I am not like that” or “Nope, I don’t do that”

You, me, your neighbor, your overachieving “friend”, colleague, even your grandma, almost everyone has this addiction and it is not physical like smoking, drinking etc. it exists dominantly in the mind and creates ripples in your life.

So, what is that addiction?


Yes, you read that correctly. Self-pity is an addiction and almost all of us suffer from it. …

Everything in this world is prone to change

2020 was the year where we saw the structures created by the society crumbling before us – getting regular education in a brick and mortar institute, going to the office every day, standing too close in the line, lack of personal hygiene. All were blown away leaving weak remains. People were forced to look at parts of their lives they had ignored for so long.

This is the year to get rid of all the rigged and bogus structures of the society beginning with the messed up work system.

The original 9-to-5 culture is dead and what we have now…

The year 2020 is almost over and this is the perfect way we should end this challenging year.

This year was special because unlike every year this wasn’t about achievements, hollow “resolutions” and regrets. It hit each of us like a “baseball bat in the face” lesson; painful and life changing. Weird analogy? Always!

Many people have already begun a list of things they will be “doing” in 2021, my advice — don’t

There are only 2 things you should do, one is given away in the title and you will find the second at the end. Let’s begin,


Travel is that one word which carries innumerable emotions. It cannot be just one thing. It is a whole package of experiences from tiny to big that adds on to the richness of life. Hearing the word ‘travel’, the first thing that comes to my mind is turquoise kissed beaches and relaxing sun but in the collection of my experiences it also means a small car packed with too much luggage, 3 people, a crazy dog and a sassy guinea pig going on an 8-hour road trip. It’s crazy what we do to shake things up.

It was a cold…

Isn’t the sky a glimpse of the mysteries we miss?

What would the Universe/Multiverse say right now? What the Creator of this Universe/Multiverse would be thinking right now? Or what makes it stop every time from ceasing our very existence?

It is irrelevant what term you prefer or whether or not you believe anything beyond our world. There is a force larger than any of us, which is holding our world together otherwise the stupidity of (a few) humans would have quickly engulfed us all.

Giving up is not in my nature. Hope and Trust is what I am made of. So at any point the time comes that I…

Is this the answer to the problems we face? Partially.

When we see the world at large, I often hear people say “What is the world coming to?” or “These are the worst of the times”

My inner self retorts “No its not!” Why? Because was the world ever a happy place? Was there ever a time when kindness was as common as the amount of dog hair in my home? No. There had been wars, genocides, famines, plagues, cruelty and much much more! Then why do we have to insinuate the condition of the world? …

What are the thoughts you ruminate about? Are they life-affirming? Joy-affirming? Or are they about past (and future) failures, of incompetence or lack of anything?

One of my friends once said “What you think doesn’t matter as much as the actions you take” of course I immediately disagreed because the root of all actions comes from what you think! Your actions stem from your thoughts and more precisely your beliefs about something.

In the words of Abraham Hicks “A belief is simply a habit of thought”

Thoughts you choose to think continuously from time to time become your beliefs. Now…


Sangmitra is an inspiring writer and author. Content Writer | Technology | Mindfulness | Spirituality | Healing

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